Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today I have Victor and Lina home feeling a little under the weather. It's not the H1N1, they both just seem to have runny noses..........but the painting must go on!

I worked more on the boats, especially the center and the right ones. The stern railing of that center boat bothered me too much, looked a little heavy handed, so I repainted that.

The masts were also blocked in, they look a little static and boring at the moment, but once I get all the rigging in place and a jib sail here and there, I think it will pull together better. Then I can start with the water. I always find myself fight the urge to paint the water in, until I have the main subject matter finished off. There have been too many paintings where I work on the water only to change it latter on, because I moved something to the left or right. Its much better to just block in the value of the water first and then once you have established all your objects in the painting, you can better determine how the reflections in the water will look.

The dock on the left will also need to be more in perspective, right now it just looks odd!

Richard Boyer

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