Saturday, November 14, 2009


Today is a non painting day, usually is over the weekend, time for the family instead!

We are driving up to our cabin in the Uinta Mountains, with winter fast approaching, we need to collect fire wood. Its about an hours drive and I'll take Markus (16) and Victor (14) up with me, Karin and Lina (9) will come up later in the day. Lina has a birthday party to go to!.

This morning we had a light dusting of snow on the ground here in Salt Lake City, up there at 7000 feet its most likely much more. So I am hoping that we don't have to dig through snow to find the fallen trees that we need to collect. We spent some of the morning tracking down and dusting off all the winter gear, its always frustrating when you find just one glove! I never know if the dog chewed it apart during the long summer or if its just buried in another part of the house.

The cabin is rather small, a main floor with a wood stove in the center between the kitchen and living room. Then we have a small room next to that with some bunk beds and a steep stair case leading up to a small second floor addition that was added on some time in the seventies. There we have a king size bed, which occupies most of the space.
It takes a while to heat the place up with firewood, but once it is up to temperature, its actually quite cozy.

As you can see there was snow and yes we had to dig some out.

Richard Boyer

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