Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, Nov. 16

Yesterday we collected fire wood up at the cabin, two carloads in fact. With about six inches of snow on the ground it made everything a bit more challenging. Now its all pilled behind the cabin, under the second floor structure. Next weekend we will cut it all to size with a chain saw and stack it outside in a sheltered spot out of the weather.

Today I worked on the 30x40 boat painting, mainly concentrating on the left two sail boats. I added a few figures to give it some life, two people working on a sail. There not very big or prominent in the work, but without them the entire scene would look empty. Now even though your eye might not pick up on the two figures, subconsciously your mind sees them and the painting will have more life to it. Once I get further along with it and all the masts are in, I'll see if I could use another figure some place.
I'm not too happy with the stern on the middle boat, but it's best not to hang up on it and push on. I can always come back to it later on when more is finished off on the painting.

I have this goal, as usual, of getting it done for the Thursday crit session. It would be a tragedy for me to show up at a critique session with nothing in hand.

Richard Boyer

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