Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's Saturday, a day when you are free from the your boss and the daily nine to five, a day filled with rest and relaxation.............that is until I meet my wife, Karin !

Her response is "Just where do you think you are going, we have the basement that needs to be finished off!"

My thoughts of spending the day just lounging around come to grinding halt. I finish the morning coffee off and butter up a few pieces of bread. The breakfast is over, the vacation comes to an end as I put on some old work cloths and frown at the project at hand.

We need a drop ceiling put in about four inches down from the floor joists. Karin thinks it would make a great hang out room for our teenagers and their friends, the drop ceiling is so that we don't have to hear them the next floor up. My Home Depot lumber is stacked in front of the basement door. Once that is done, the electrical and insulation go in, then finally the sheet rock people can start. That's where the real mess starts!

As soon as Markus gets up we can start, he is my designated helper this morning. Karin flashes a look at me, teenagers are not know for getting up early.

"I think, it's time for another cup of coffee!"

Richard Boyer

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