Friday, November 13, 2009


The crit night went well and the wine was good. Around midnight it was hard to keep my eyes open any longer, so I had to break it up. We have a few artists that are on a different schedule than most, another words they get up in the afternoon and don't go to bed until the early morning hours.

I brought out a 30x24 piece that I had been working on last week. Its a street scene from Bonnieux, one of my favorite town's in Provence. The red umbrellas were originally green in color, so I changed them out for red ones. I also worked on the road a little, breaking up the cobblestones to make it more interesting.

I just hope the umbrellas are not too red, then again all the galleries say "Red is what sells!"

Last summer we stayed in the town of Goult, which is located about 30 kilometers to the north from Bonnieux. From there we traveled each day to a new mountain top village to paint.

Richard Boyer

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