Monday, January 4, 2016


Happy New Year as they say.

Its been a while with all the holiday events and I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We have been hit with snow storm after snow storm during the holidays, adding a good amount to the base of the ski resorts.  Brighton said somewhere in the range of 6 feet of new snow!!!

Mockingbird Gallery also had a pre Christmas flurry of sales

First this small 12x18 sold to a local client in Bend

Then this 9x12 of Portland sold to a couple,

 along with this 12x9 of the same town. Both ended up going in their bathroom.

and last but not least this 16x12 sold as well.

Over the holidays I started this new 30x30, it still needs a lot of work, so I'll keep posting the progress. The view is of the Hotel Monaco in Portland. I liked all the red light in the scene, so I'll need to play those up some more.

This 24x18 I also started up and of course needs some work. It's one of those paintings I'll have to set aside and think about what it needs.

This was kind of the case with that big Amsterdam painting at night. after working on it for some time it seemed to be loosing the spark. Maybe I was working on it too much and just got bored with it. Its been sitting off in the corner of the studio gathering dust, so maybe in the next few days I'll pull it out again and try re-working it..

Richard Boyer

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