Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Well we have about 18 inches of fresh snow on the ground here at my house and a lot of shoveling to go with it.

Going back to this painting I re-worked the sky with more intense color and defined the buildings some more.

I worked my way along in the background with the buildings and added the clock tower to the left. In reality one would not see that from this location. the tower would be more off to the left.

next I defined the building on the right, or started to at least, there is a lot of architecture there to work on and I'm still not sure how much of it I want to elaborate on.

Most of the afternoon was spent on this building getting all the parts blocked in.

The last part today was to cover the water in the foreground. It will need a lot of work with the reflections, which I can start tomorrow. Larger paintings like this always seem to take a while to get done since the little areas that become a single brush stroke on the smaller works now become larger areas that need more definition.

Richard Boyer

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