Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Another snow storm approaching, just what we need. the ski resorts are getting a little thin with rocks still showing.

I did a series of smaller paintings for the Mockingbird Gallery. Jim, the owner was talking about smaller pieces for the Christmas rush. Now I've never experienced the Black Friday frenzy and I seriously doubt anything like that would happen in a gallery.  Most people in my case don't buy the paintings as Stocking stuffers before the holidays.  But I figured maybe a group of little pieces wouldn't hurt, it might attract the people who ordinarily wouldn't buy a painting because of the price.

The first one was a 16x12 of Portland, based on a larger one I did a while back.

This 12x16 was done from a very blurry shot I took after the camera was out in the rain for a bit.  If you get drops of water on the lens it really diffracts the light.

Here I did a smaller 9x12 from Bend, Oregon. Originally I did this during the day while I was at the gallery. Jim couldn't sell it so he returned it to me and I painted over the top and changed it into night.

This 9x12 is looking back at the Gallery in Bend

A while back I did a large 40x40 of this same subject matter and decided it would make a good smaller 12x9

The last 9x12 was of Portland again with a figure walking home in the rain

All of these should be arriving in the Mockingbird Gallery some time today.

Richard Boyer

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