Thursday, January 14, 2016


As I thought the painting lacked contrast. So first I added some more detail to the background cliffs and scree field below. The warms of the sandstone I wanted to play up more against the blues and purples of the rocks below. Now it has a nice color sense in the background.

Then I went on to darkening the foreground, actually everything in that area I painted over in darker values. This will contrast better with the sunlit cliffs in the back.

One I got going on darkening the bushes I noticed the road was also too light. You'll notice that I massed a lot of the dark sage and juniper together.  This makes it simpler for the eye to look at, not too busy as they say. One nice thing is that the cross stands out better against the dark green. I'm still wondering about a figure in there. I got the crit session tonight, so I'll ask the others and see what they think.

Richard Boyer

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