Saturday, January 9, 2016


Lets see what the crit session said. First they wanted the tail lights on that center car more split up in the reflection, it was just too bright. The tree needed to be pushed up higher in the sky and more light added to the back ground in the road area, more of that city glow. I also added more reflected light to the road on the right side. There was a surface change in the road that I was showing too much, as it went from asphalt to brick.

This 24x18  I added some wires up above the road and played down some of the street lights on the left side. I also added a few more lights around the bus to bring the eye down there more. Now hopefully the figures to the left will stand out better.

Now as for the Amsterdam painting…I'm afraid it will be getting the just don't seem to be coming together like I want. This might be because of the canal. During the daylight, water has a nice reflection of the blue sky and surrounding colors; at night it just becomes a black hole.

Richard Boyer

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