Friday, January 15, 2016


Southam Gallery sent me an email; they are looking for a Venice piece. They have a client coming into the gallery on Wednesday and she would love to have something from the city of canals.  So I was elected as the token artist to try and paint this ASAP.  The start here was done over the top of an older painting, it was a piece that never really got off the ground and I had it sitting around the studio for several years.  Its like cleaning the basement when I can make use of the canvas again. The paint was put on thick to cover over the underlying work, so I added a few drops of cobalt drier to the white to help speed up the drying time a little. I'll need to work on this over the weekend to get it done. Hopefully I can capture that shimmering light on the water and play down the details in the background buildings.

Richard Boyer

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