Thursday, January 7, 2016


I'm still working on the new series here. This one I added some cross walks and guide wires above to help in the composition. The trees I may have punched up some also, just to add some yellows into the painting. I did add a few figures to the left waiting for the bus.

This 30x30 I added figures on the left and played up the yellow lights reflecting around them. I'm still thinking the rose colored umbrella might be just too much, its almost electric bright in color. I have the crit session tonight so I'll see what the others feel. I just know that when I put reds in the painting it seems to sell easier. People just love red in a painting !

This morning I actually was back on the larger Amsterdam painting again. I toned down most of the lights I had on the right side, they were just too bright and pulled the viewer over where there was no real interest.  I added a cafe on the right side of the bridge and put a boat in the foreground to help more with the composition.  At least now you move down the canal better. We'll see what the crit session brings to the table on it.

Richard Boyer

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