Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Here is a shot of what I have done to date. I painted some more on her face today. I was told by some that her face had some hard lines, like she had been working in the fields too long. So I went back in and lightened up her complexion and smoothed out some of the lines, giving her a younger feel.  Now its to the point where I'll set it aside and look at it after a few days.

With today's fun little study I picked this guy because he had some character in his face. He works in the wood shop at Skansen, Stockholm and had the gift of gab with anyone that came into the shop.

Richard Boyer


  1. In my uninformed artistic opinion the face was better (more believable) before you "made her up" to look like a model.

    ...precisely because people who live in the country (eg, farmers) have hard lives and hard lines in their faces.

    I think your first attempt captured that, but unfortunately you changed it...

    -- larry darkness

    1. Hey, she's only 22 I can't insult her too much!! I thought you were going to try a test set up on my web site like a blog? What happened?