Saturday, March 22, 2014


I took some pictures today of the work from yesterday. The water in this painting I lightened up and added some more striations with the ripples.  Howard/Mandville Gallery will be getting this next week. They actually sold a 24x36 and a 30x40, two paintings that I had down at the May gallery.

On to the laundry painting. I took out the red rag behind her and worked on the wooden slats of the building.  I may need to lighten up the grasses a little more now that I look at it.

And here is today's head study. This girl was part of a small concert they had at Skansen in their 1700's manor house. The four women were dressed up in period costume from that era with the wide hoop dresses. When I get the time I would love to do a large version of all four playing their instruments.

Richard Boyer

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