Friday, March 7, 2014


I spent more time working on the background architecture of Copenhagen. I'm trying not to got to detailed since much of it will be covered over with rigging from the masts of the boats. In fact as I get to that rigging I may be blurring out even more of the buildings so they don't compete.  There is a man working on the side of one of them, sanding and scraping off the old paint; so I'll want to really play that part of the painting up, create some interest there.

We had the crit session last night and of course I brought the Provence market scene. They wanted some more definition in the vegetables to the right and some of the umbrellas were also too detailed. I blurred out the trim or fringe on the bottom of them. So now it is done!!!

On to the girl walking along the beach. The blue dress was bothering me just a little too much. There was too many cool colors in the painting, it needed some warms. So why not change the dress to a reddish color. I asked her politely to change clothes and she did ! ( If you believe that, I got some killer real estate in the Florida everglades for you. )  Now the figure pops better against the cooler background and it adds some more vibrant color to the work.

Richard Boyer

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