Thursday, March 13, 2014


Yesterday was one of those days, where everything went wrong. The results were in for the Oil Painters of America show and I found out that mine didn't make it in. So that bummed me out a bit. I had countless interruptions in the afternoon and couldn't finish my figure session and then to top it off Karin called from her work telling me that the car wouldn't start and they had no idea what was wrong!

Well we had AAA and gave them a call, turns out the battery was completely dead. The terminals were so corroded that when Karin was trying to get a jump they couldn't make the connection. The AAA driver figured that out and sprayed something on the connections to get the thing started. It was then my job to go out that evening and get a $130 new battery. God I hate cars!!!

Any ways yesterday I took a blank 24x30 canvas and blasted in this start of Charlotte hanging up sheets. Mainly I just wanted to figure out the composition and call in good for the day, but I got into the painting and worked a lot more on her face and shirt.

Which of course gave me a pretty good head start for today. I defined the face some more, adding some  warms and darker areas. Then moved on to the sheets. I want to show the force of the wind and how she seems to be struggling a little to get them up on the line.

I did manage to get my quick figure session in, although not until six in the evening, so it was a little too dark to photograph it. My model was Emile from Sweden.

This was todays study. The woman I shot at Skanses in Stockholm, she was working on a spinning Jenny and seemed keenly focused on the task.

Richard Boyer

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