Thursday, March 20, 2014


Crit night is at my place tonight, Nick has company at his house.  Some things never seem to change!

This 18x24 painting has seen quite a few changes. Our Orthodontist is doing a trade with me from a childhood memory he had from the beaches of Denmark. So its been going through some drastic re-painting as he remembers more from his childhood 30-40 years ago. Commissions like these I generally don't do since they involve so much work.

Today's study was another character from Skansen, he worked in the 1700's manor house. When I walked in he was sitting down all alone, no tourists visiting him, whittling on a piece of wood. So I started talking with him and told that I was an artist and if I could just take a few photos. After several dozen shots he figured that may have been enough and looked up at me. There was the painting !!!

Richard Boyer

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