Friday, March 28, 2014


I started this study yesterday, but one thing after the other kept coming up. At 3:00 we headed out to the Hale Centre Theatre in West Valley to watch "Les Miserables"  The performance was done so well it brought most to tears, I've never seen a version as good as they did it, well worth the ticket price.

I worked on a few changes from the crit session, much of which would be to small to mention.

An example would be the water is this one. They felt there wasn't enough distance from the shallow water to the canoe..

So I added some more blue down at the bottom to correct it. The group also mentioned that I should bring some more reds in some place besides the canoe, so I added some reddish color on the shore of the left bank.

My study today was one of the vendors at a market in Provence.

Richard Boyer

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