Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Another Amsterdam painting, although this one I can tell still needs some work.  The way the paintings are coming out I should have quite a bit for the crit session tomorrow.

I made my reservations for the Oil Painters of America show in Fredericksburg, Texas. This will be my first time in the state of Texas, what can I say, I've never had a strong desire to travel there.  I might have to get a tall Stetson and a six shooter.  But any ways I bought the plain ticket, hotel reservation and car rental. I'll be into this event close to a thousand dollars!!!…lets just hope they can maybe sell the painting so I can at least break even. 

The Insight Gallery, who is hosting the event did send me an email wondering if I wanted to advertise with them and a few other artists for the show. I guess they are putting a full page add in one of the art magazines with some images. So for me that could be a nice shot in the arm! 

Richard Boyer

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