Wednesday, March 6, 2013


So I sent Jim at the Mockingbird Gallery an image of the last painting I did and he casually informed me that there are no moose in the state of Oregon.  My response was, how the Hell can the entire northwest not have moose, we seem to run into them everywhere here in Utah.  So it was back to the drawing board, where I put a herd of Elk in, they have plenty of those in Oregon!

I also blocked in a few 12x16 yesterday, this one is from the fish hatchery at Wizard Falls near Camp Sherman, about 45 minutes north of Bend.

And finished it off today; trying to keep it loose with the brush strokes. The fly fisherman I added for a little shot of red color. They actually do fish from the bridge and have gotten into many a conversation with them while painting there.

Ron at the May Gallery called and said they sold another three paintings, they are on a hot streak down there!!! 

Richard Boyer

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  1. No moose in Oregon?

    Tell that to the Moose in Oregon!

    Apparently, there is a small breeding population in NE Oregon (they apparently came from Idaho, which has an estimated population of 20,000)

    Next time, might want to do a google search before you change your painting.

    -- Larry Darkness