Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday, March 25

This was last weeks figurative study of Lillias, maybe Jim Peterson from the Mockingbird Gallery might want to try it for the show?  It would be my first nude painting at that gallery.

I also started this 16x20 of Mount Adams for him. I stood at this very spot in the fall along the shore of Sparks Lake and the water was like glass. Out on the peninsula there were some guys fly fishing, so I want to include them into the work. That should add some nice color to the painting, since one of them had a red vest on.

On a side note we are having all the old trim work, fascia and soffit on our house replaced with composite material.  Back in 2000 the idiot contractor who built the second floor used Medium Fiber Density Board, claiming it was bullet proof. Well several years later the water got to it and it has been peeling off ever since.  The only down side is that the project will cost me $7000. Yup money in ….money out !

Looks like all that earned from the sold paintings will be going to the contractor.

Richard Boyer

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