Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday, March 4

I finished off this 12x24 painting of Broken Top mountain in Oregon, another work for Mockingbird Gallery.  If you look with a magnifying glass you will notice three moose catching the last light down by the bottom right. 

The mountain I tried to keep very simple in detail, most of the shadow area is just cobalt blue mixed with cadmium red or orange, depending on whether I wanted to go purple or blue in the color.

Over the weekend Victor and I went up to our waterless cabin to fix the broken pipes we had in the dead of winter. The problem with copper is that even just a little water left in the pipe will expand and crack the metal. Most cabin owners end up with a routine of plumbing repairs every spring. Unless you change everything out for the new and updated system of Pex plastic tubes, now the standard for new home construction. 

That was our weekend job, tearing out all the old and broken copper pipes and replacing it all with new color coded plastic Pex.  Unfortunately the project was in a cold, damp and spider infested crawl space. I have the bangs and cuts to prove it all; two days later we got it all done.

I figured instead of throwing out the scrap copper pipes, maybe I could sell it all to a metal recycle business. So I stood in line with all the other homeless trying to make a few dollars from their supposidly found bits of scrap metal and catalytic converters.  When all was weighed I walked away with $72. Not bad, maybe I should get into the metal stealing business and start ripping out people's old copper plumbing systems. 

Richard Boyer

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