Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday, March 26

It’s a blustery day outside as Winnie-the-Pooh use to say.

We are going down once again to southern Utah this weekend to do a little camping for Spring Break with the Strayer’s. Our destination is some place in the San Rafael Swell.

Then on Monday I’ll continue on down to Bluff, Utah with some of the kids to hang out and hike for a few days. Since we use to go there quite often, we know the owners and for a few years now I have been putting paintings up in their breakfast room. I’ll admit it is a little unorthodox not dealing with galleries, but with them not taking any commission percent out, why not. It’s a good place to show off my southern Utah work and they have actually sold several, especially from the San Juan River trips we do.

I decided to try and squeeze off two smaller pieces to bring down there with me.

So this is today’s little 14x11 study of some fall tree colors in Cottonwood Wash just outside of Bluff. I’ll adjust some of the colors better tomorrow and also work on a 12x16 piece from an Anasazi ruin as well.

Richard Boyer

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