Friday, March 23, 2012


We had the weekly figure painting session over at Rick Graham’s place last night. He said she was a really good model, another words she was able to hold a difficult pose and keep still. Rick wanted to try something with the arms up in the air, as she ties a long red shawl on top of her head. For most models this would be next to impossible since the arms would soon be going to sleep, but she managed to pull it off. The arms did lock up after some time so she needed a few more breaks than normal. That being said I wasn’t able to finish the face off since the arms influenced the lighting. We were able to take pictures, so hopefully I can finish it off next week.

I worked on the southern Utah piece this morning. We had the crit session last night up at Nick’s, after the model session, so it was a full night. But any ways they felt I needed a path of some kind leading up the canyon, so I opened up the creek more and now it leads the eye in to the left around the bushes. I also added some lighter oranges and reds to the rock to make it more interesting.

Richard Boyer

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