Friday, March 30, 2012


The service for Jerry White, known as “Trundler”, or by some as “T” went well. It was good to meet old friends and catch up on times gone by. It was a time of many tears and a few laughs reminiscing about the man we will miss. Kevin Holdsworth read a nice story about a very long slog up in the Uinta's they did eons ago, recanting the adventure and the personalities of all those involved.

Afterwards we all went back to Penny’s house for libations and more tears. We promised to connect more with old friends and we relived the many trips of our youth. Connecting with old friends always sounds like a good idea. It’s the reality of our lives that sometimes makes us too busy to connect, never finding the time to get together again, so involved with our own families.

If I can collect emails I will try and gather us together for an evening dinner, just like the old times.

I changed the Grand Gulch painting around a bit, adding a little more color here and there.

And also worked on these two pieces which I will take down to Recapture Lodge in Bluff, Utah. Jim Hook likes when I decorate the breakfast nook at his hotel.

We leave this afternoon for some camping in the San Rafael Swell and then on to Bluff, Utah.

Richard Boyer

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