Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I got a call from Southam Gallery yesterday; they are having a show this Saturday and wanted to know if I had anything lying around in the studio. Well as it turns out I have a few smaller pieces that I never really finished off yet, so I decided to work on them today.

The first one here is a sketch I did in Stockholm. The cafĂ© umbrellas don’t really exist in the scene but I thought they would add some needed color. So I just blocked them in and will hopefully finish them off tomorrow. I’ll have to put some tables and people there also to give it that afternoon life feel.

It’s been another dark session with rain forecasted for the next couple of days. They actually got eight inches of new snow up at Snowbird Ski Resort yesterday; normally it should be in the 70’s. Strayer called me yesterday and wondered if we should start building an ark?….

Richard Boyer

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