Thursday, May 5, 2011


The temperature seems to be screaming up there, today it’s climbing into the seventies. Which means all that snow we have in the mountains will start to come down. They say we are close to 200% of normal snowpack and predicting that when it all comes down at once with the warm temperatures, it will cause flooding. Not too far off from the records of 83’, back then they blocked off State Street and turned it into a river.

I should be outside enjoying the sun, but noooooo I will be in the dark basement working on the baseboard trim. We have a @%$@ schedule to uphold to get this project done.

Well I started a new piece this morning of my daughter carrying a milk jug up some stairs. Our relatives in Sweden have a house on the farm from the beginning of the 1700’s and it makes for some fantastic subject matter. It’s just a crude block-in so obviously the figure is just sketched loosely in. I was more concerned with the composition at first. I’ll let this piece dry a bit and spent tomorrow working on the beach painting again. When I hope back and forth between several pieces it keeps the interest up and makes it easier to judge the work with a fresh eye.

Richard Boyer

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