Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday, May 2

Well they finally got Bin Laden, unfortunately this won’t be the end of terrorist attacks. I have a feeling that will go on for decades to come with all the unrest in the Middle East.

Yesterday we celebrated “Valborg” up at Mountain Dell with all the Swedes. It’s a springtime holiday where they collect up all the deadwood from the long winter and set an “out of control” bonfire to celebrate the arrival of Spring. One of the members drove a trailer filled with old Christmas trees and logs down from Park City. A ten foot large pyramid was set up with the trees and the center filled with firewood. One match and a few minutes later the flames were twice my height and most people moving a good distance away for fear of their eye brows being singed. The younger ones in their constant state of pyromania thought it was the coolest thing to watch pine needled explode into flame. Needless to say many a hotdog were burnt to a crisp by the heat.

I decided to work on the flower pot piece this morning and finish it off. But then again is it really? The crit members will surely find something to tweak on it.

Richard Boyer

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