Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It was snowing this morning….when, oh when is it ever going to let up?

On Saturday Markus and I, along with Dave Stayer, his son and a few of the boy’s friends will be driving down to Bluff, Utah for another six day river trip down the San Juan. The last thing we need is snow in the canyon that would be just miserable. Oddly enough with all the snow we have been receiving here in northern Utah, the four corners area is below normal for the season.

That being said Dave was even considering leaving the raft here, with a flow of anything under 600 cfs, the last two days you could more or less be pushing the raft through the sand bars. Yesterday it was around 400 cfs. We found out that next week they will start releasing more water from the dam upstream in New Mexico and that should bring the water level up a lot more. It’s nice when the flow is above 1200 cfs (cubic feet a second)

Last night we had the model session at Rick’s and this is what I managed to get done.

Richard Boyer

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