Friday, May 6, 2011


The crit session went well last night, at least up until when Kay brought out three bottles of single malt at midnight. We have a few beginner scotch drinkers in the group and she wanted to introduce them to the different varieties there are. “But why, oh why at midnight?”

I just had a small draught and called it good; it was time to kick everyone out. The crit sessions can sometimes drag on into the morning hours and for me if I don’t put an end to it at midnight, I won’t be getting much done the next day.

I worked on this piece today. It’s my wife and some relatives decorating the “Maypole” for midsummer night. At the crit session they commented that the painting was for a very specialized market, since most people would have no idea what the Swedish midsummer celebration is all about. This maybe true and as they said, I might be hanging it on my own wall. But nevertheless I wanted to paint it and now have it out of my system, time to move on to something different like that beach painting for the client!

Richard Boyer

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