Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This story happens more often that I care to admit. A painting sits in a gallery for what seems like eternity, no bights, no interest; you even consider taking it back and re-working it to see if it will move. Then out of the blue a couple walks in and falls in love with it and the painting is sold. This is when the gallery calls you up a few days later to inform you that another couple came in and wanted to buy the same painting.

Well this is the small 18x24 piece that sold.

And here is the block in on a similar piece. I really like to do beach scenes, they have a nice atmospheric quality about them.

I remember the May Gallery saying that if you put a red dot on a piece inevitably everybody wants that same painting. So it’s best to just take the work off the wall and hide it. Then you can steer them hopefully towards the other fine masterpieces hanging!

Richard Boyer

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