Thursday, May 12, 2011


I got a frantic email this morning from an old friend back when I was a wee lad. Apparently someone had hacked into her Yahoo account and sent off emails from her address book list about how she was stranded in Aberdeen, Scotland. Its was the classic Nigerian scam letter about how the luggage was stolen with all the credit cards and of course no family members are around to help out, she is just desperately waiting at the airport to get money for a plane ticket home.

Well I sent her, aka the Nigerian hanging out in a coffee shop in downtown Abuja, a reply email saying I was ready to help out (of course) and could immediately wire her the required $ 2,500,000. from my Swiss Bank account (number 345 677 890). The only thing I would need is her corresponding bank account number to do the transfer…………so far I haven’t heard back from her!!!

When will these idiots stop with the lame email requests? I could have been a billionaire by now with all those inheritance letters from the high court in England representing the estate of Abdul (insert last name here). If only I had sent them the small required handling fee !!!

Okay, back to reality now, and Debbie I am sorry to hear about the hackers, especially when they sabotage your email list. Today I just worked more on this piece, mainly the clothing. I wanted to bring it far enough along for the crit session tonight. I feel it’s important for every artist to bring something.

Richard Boyer

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