Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday, June 1st

I'm back in the studio working away and watching the rain come down. We had a nice relaxing Memorial weekend, well maybe not yesterday. My wife determined that we should all go on a family hike.

Black mountain was the destination.

So off we went at 11:30 in the morning after a rather large breakfast. We drove up Terrace Hills Drive and parked the car at the end. There the trail winds its way up close to the ridge line. From there you have your choice of doing the level path of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail or continuing on up farther to follow the ups and downs along the crest of the ridge until you reach the final steep climb to the summit.

I should make a point for those of you not from Utah. The Bonneville Shore line trail is not along a shore by any means. They got the name from an old fresh water lake that covered the west back eons ago in geological time. Now a days the trail runs a thousand feet above the valley floor, offering spectacular views of the city below.

Lina was with us and we ended up taking a few breaks to look at the flowers and rocks. The wild flowers were out in abundance, covering the hill side and as usual I forgot the camera!

We had lunch on top and looked out over the views in every direction. Five hours later we were back at the car with tired leg muscles.

I worked on one last painting from the river trip. We were just coming up to our first campsite and had this great view of the rocks bathed in sunlight.

Richard Boyer

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