Friday, June 18, 2010


The crit went well last night, nothing broken, nothing spilled !

We toasted poor old Ronnie Lee Gardner in his last moments. I live in the state that loves to sensationalize executions. Every day the paper comes out with heart wrenching stories about his life and the life of those effected by his deeds. I agree he should be locked up for life, but the money that is waisted on the appeals process over the death penalty is ridiculous.

At least one of the shooters can feel better knowing that one of the bullets was rubber !!!

I worked on the scouts some more, adding a few more and changing a few around. Its still not done. With the uniforms I hope it doesn't become too drab. That may call for some more colorful flags in the piece.

This piece I added a few things to and will send it off to Santa Fe next week. Now its time to hit the pool with Lina, the temperatures are climbing up to the 80's today and expected to go higher over the weekend.

We plan on heading up to the cabin at 7000 feet the temps will be much better

Richard Boyer

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