Thursday, June 24, 2010


I worked on this one today, just adding a few more highlights to the water and a few more bodies in the background. The crit has been put off until tomorrow. Most everyone is heading down to the Salt Lake Arts Festival. Every Spring they put on an event where they close off a few city blocks and set up artists booths with all kinds of crafts and art work for sale. Food and concerts are usually in the evenings and this evening "Cowboy Junkies" are playing.

So we all decided to pay the $10 entrance fee to see the art show and the concert !!!

It should be a fun night

God knows we need it after the death of the car, although we are still deliberating if we should spend the $2500 to fix it up ?

Richard Boyer

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  1. the so called 'arts' festival always seemed like more a craft fair to me...didn't see much that I consider real art.