Friday, June 11, 2010


It’s June and we should be walking around in 80-90 degree weather, basking in the sun, but noooo. Here we are putting on ski coats! The next couple of days it’s calling for cold rain, no wonder everything seems to be growing like its on steroids.

We had the crit last night and started off with some nice bottles of wine. It has become tradition now to not come empty handed, but rather with your choice of red wine. We are still trying to get it across to some of the crit members to go to the wine store and pick out something above the ten dollar range. Usually there you can find a good one rated at least 90 for around $12-14. This makes it more fun to open up a few and do some taste testing before the actual critiquing begins.

I brought along the Grand Canyon piece. Seems like a few things needed to be addressed, but all in all it’s done now. I lightened up some of the back cliff area and added a few darks to the foreground. Next week I can bring it down to Southam Gallery

I also added a canoe to one of the San Juan paintings. Last week I sent off JEPG images from all the river trip paintings I did and the only one with a canoe in it sold. And as usual several other people wanted the same piece. Ron Bailey from the May Gallery always preaches, if the painting sells, take it off the wall, or else you’ll have three others coming in wanting that very same piece!

So I added a canoe to the small 11x14 piece here.

Richard Boyer

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