Thursday, June 17, 2010


I put the scouts in the painting today and worked on the grasses. This is from a boy scout camping trip we did years ago to the San Rafael Swell. I'll see how the crit gang likes it tonight, after a few bottles of wine!

Southam Gallery has been selling a little more now, maybe it has something to do with the weather warming up. But any ways they sold a few smaller pieces and have some leads on larger paintings as well. I think realistically it must be because of the news coming out about the economy picking up. Every day you read something new about the numbers improving in this sector or that. Most of the time an economic down turn wouldn't affect the buyers of fine art. They mainly constitute CEO's, doctors and lawyers, its not like they are loosing their job. It's more a Psychological frame of mind.

So lets keep those good numbers coming out

Richard Boyer

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