Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I finished off the other 20x20 Portland painting for Mockingbird Gallery. The 5th Avenue line coming down the track. Now I made up a bit and added the lights on the left side, before it was actually quite dark so it needed some life added to it. This work I mailed off yesterday….

along with the other 20x20 here. Lets hope Jim's client in interested in one of them.

This other 30x30 I also started a few days ago for Mockingbird Gallery, once again Portland in the rain and I'm improvising on  the figures in the rain; taking them from another picture.  I really want to play up the wet reflections on the right side as it silhouettes the girls, this I can attach with a pallet knife and have some fun with.

Next week it will be nice to head up to the cabin for the Midway plein air painting event. the temperatures here in Salt Lake City are suppose to get over 100.

Richard Boyer

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