Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I worked a little more on this 10x20 from the Grand Canyon, adding more oranges to the foreground cliffs and played around with the water as well. It's just another on of those lazy days on the river.

The next here I ended up working two days on. I had some problems with the water. At first I had a lot of blues in it, reflections from the sky, but it was looking too busy so I removed it all and left it a simple greenish color. As they say, simple is better for a painting. So now I'm happier with it.

I had some good news from Jim at Mockingbird Gallery, he sold these two Portland paintings over the weekend to somebody in Bend, Oregon. Finally some of these Cityscapes are starting to sell and that is really nice to see. the pressure is on now to create some more for him.

6th Ave & Main 30x30 

5th Ave & Morrison 20x20

Richard Boyer

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