Saturday, June 20, 2015


I decided to add a lot more light to this piece. After looking at it for some days now I realized the figures seemed a little small and insignificant. So the fix was to make them larger and surround them in light from the windows behind.  In fact most of the lights I really punched up with some pallet knife.  Now it seems to have a nicer feel to it.

Next weekend I'll be heading up to Midway, Utah for their plein air event. The Midway Art Association is holding their 10th Annual Plein Air Paradise where artists get together and paint a few works for the show July 1-4th. For me it will be fun to get out and meet some more artists and just to paint the great sneery up there. I'm partial to the Provo river with all the fly-fishermen, so most likely I'll be hanging out there.

Richard Boyer

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