Monday, July 6, 2015


I was a week up at our cabin on the Mirror Lake highway. The town of Midway was hosting a plein air event with many fine artists throughout Utah.  So I met up with Robert Duncan and Kimball Warren to do some painting together.

Unfortunately I didn't win any awards, but did manage to sell one which made the trip worth while for me.

This was the first day, the one that sold. It was a hot morning with the temperatures up in the high 90's. My only shade was a cowboy hat, so at the end of the session I felt parched and well done from the sun. Down in Salt Lake City they were breaking records with triple digit temperatures. After baking it was off to lunch with Robert in an air conditioned restaurant.

In the afternoon I went over to the train tracks in Midway and ran into Kimball Warren, who was working on a mountain scene. I decided to try the tracks which was maybe too big of a challenge. I'll need a few more sessions on this one. I soon found out that the track was being used every half hour by the Heber Creeper, a tourist attraction where they go back and forth from Heber to Midway and turn around again. So every half hour I had to pick up the easel and move out of the way and wait for the conductor to switch the rail lines for the engine. We got to know each other a bit as he would look at my progress. 

Kimball took a few shots and laughed as the train pushed me out of the way.

The Heber Creeper literally does creep along at about three miles an hour here, so there never was any real danger.

Sunday morning I was back on the Provo river doing another 12x16 fly fisherman. Robert Duncan met up with me here as well. This guy seemed very focused on his casting and didn't really mind two artists painting him.

The next morning I wanted to try more of an aerial shot from the road to Kamas, here it climbs up from Heber Valley to get around the Jordonelle reservoir. I felt the view was great for a painting; but was a little rushed with the time and the sun coming around, so it will need more work later on.

Most likely it will have to wait until I get back from Sweden. Victor and I are flying out on Thursday morning.

Richard Boyer

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