Wednesday, July 29, 2015


This is the "somewhat" finished second block-in I started the other day.  I'll need to work on trying to bring up some of the contrast and reflections tomorrow.  Maybe even a few more figures might help.  I'd love to work on this 40x40 I blocked-in the other day of the Thames River.  On the flight over to Sweden at 6:00 in the morning I opened the blinds of the plane window and shot some pictures at 10,000. feet as we were approaching Heathrow airport. The sun was illuminating the river and rooftops of London. I know it will make a really cool painting. This will be one of those paintings I do for myself. As Bob Rose said, "Lets just have some fun!"

The last few days have been rather cool, down to the high seventies or low eighties, in a few days we'll be back up into the neighties again. So I figured this afternoon I'll do a little yard work, pulling weeds is number one on the list. Usually I would do this early in the morning after the sprinkling systems has softened up the ground, but Rick Graham told me of another method the nursery's are recommending. He has a blow-torch that he uses which is hooked up to a propane tank and just fire blasts them to death. Sounds like fun to me and if it works also a lot quicker. I'll break out the small propane torch I use for copper and try it with that…"Death to the Weeds !!!"

Richard Boyer

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