Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Well I'm back in the US now. Most of the time over in Sweden it was raining with overcast skies. I'm so glad I didn't take the paints over, but a small sketch book instead. Grey skies don't tend to sell too well. I did get down to Stockholm to look at the Zorn photo exhibition. Someone found a bunch of old photos in the basement of the museum in Mora recently and they determined the thousand or so shots of models and places throughout Europe belonged to Zorn. He owned a black and white camera around the turn of the century. One of those modern inventions of the time and was using it quite heavily with his figure paintings. Most artists had no idea he was using them so much as reference.

They didn't have that many photos up from the collection, maybe a hundred or so, but it was enough to see how much he traveled around and to get a little more knowledge about the models he was using.

I did find out when I got back home that my one painting here from San Francisco got into the 16th annual Impressionist Society of America show at Trailside Gallery in the fall.  That will be the first time for me in that show and the first time for me to hang in Trailside Gallery.  I doubt it would sell with them being so Cowboy and Western in their direction of clients.

Just to show that I haven't been lying around I started two block-ins yesterday of Portland. This one I worked on today; now it will need some more lights and work on the tracks in the foreground.  I'll see if I can get it done for the crit session on Thursday with the other one.

Richard Boyer

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