Thursday, July 30, 2015


I'll let you know if the torching of weeds works or not.  I pointed the flame at the base of the weed but didn't notice much happening besides the obvious blackening of the plant at the base. We will see if it kills the root or not?

Well I couldn't work on the other smaller 24x24's, this painting was calling to be started and nothing was going to get in the way. I covered the 40x40 masonite board a few days ago with a wash of the approximate colors. With it set up I was able to get some more accurate colors down on top and really work on trying to paint the downtown without getting too much detail in there. The danger would be getting drawn into painting every little building which would take forever. I'm finding out with just a minimal amount of brush strokes I can get the illusion of roads and buildings below. I'll be playing up the intense sunlight on the water once I get the land all laid out to the background.  "London 6:15 at 10,000"

Richard Boyer

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