Monday, May 11, 2015


Yesterday we had to cut all the trees back by ten feet in order to make the insurance company happy for the cabin we have. They gave us a deadline and Sunday we had to get it done; unfortunately the weather didn't agree with us. The clouds would roll in and snow would be flying, then the sun would come out and it was back to tee-shirt weather, then back again to snow. Such is the weather at 7000 feet in May. I was able to get our old electric chain saw going and take down a massive amount of branches. So if and when all that debris dries we can have one huge fire.  At five in the evening we were done and I took some pictures for the insurance people which I hope will be enough. They can be rather picky about what they consider fire hazard.

I started in on this one today, working on that late afternoon light on the right side. the real problem is going to be those damn tracks; its one of those perspective nightmares,  if I don't get it right it will never work.  So tomorrow I'll have to focus in on them

Richard Boyer

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