Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday, Sept. 30

It started as a small sore throat yesterday, by the evening it was fever with that yucky feeling. Now it's the full blown on flu / cold.  I'm sitting down as I paint, trying to take it easy. This thing has gone around all the family members, hit neighbors and art friends. Somehow I dogged the bullet until now.

I worked on this small 14x11 today. The Howard/Mandville Gallery is having a miniture show in November and as one of the artists, it's my duty to paint something.  Most artists don't look forward to painting for these kinds of events, since the same amount of time is required for a small version as opposed to a bigger one. And we have to sell it for a much cheaper price !!

In a few days I'll look at it again to fine tune it some more. 

Richard Boyer

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