Wednesday, September 4, 2013


With Jim at the Mockingbird Gallery selling figurative work so well, I decided to try another painting of Felicia holding a candle.  Yes it might be a little religious and over the top, but what can I say, it will look good when done. Last Spring when I was visiting Markus in Sweden, we went down to Osthammar to visit relatives and shot Felicia in the local church. I needed some older interior scenes and this fit the bill.

At the moment I think I'm about three days into it and as usual its hard to get the likeness down, so I have been spending maybe too much time on that.

I seem to be distracted today with other thoughts and that is most likely adding to the problem. I'll do something physical like pack up a painting for the Howard/Mandville Gallery. I told them I would get the large 40x30 alleyway painting of Arles, France off to them this week.

Richard Boyer

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