Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Two more out of the box today, its been a little dark overhead with the rain clouds hanging around. A perfect day to finish up some of these pieces.

This one was done that first evening when we drove down. Nick Rees was ahead of us and had set up to paint; so Bryce Liston and I cell phoned him with very limited coverage and found Nick set up on an old dirt road out in the middle of nowhere.  Naturally he had a cooler nearby, the large umbrella set up and a stereo system playing music….some artists take it completely over the top !

It was good though to get out of the car and paint.

On this one we were rained out earlier in the afternoon and then came evening when things began to clear up a little. We took highway 89 north out of Kanab to the Zions road turn off, then down a few miles to another dirt road. The sandstone cliffs in the background were in shadow through most of the painting session, but with the break in the clouds behind us we knew the sun would poke through just before setting and illuminate the cliff. When it did we were ready and caught the last light!

Richard Boyer

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