Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm back in Salt Lake City now, back to the 9-5 grind.  Well I can't really complain after all it's fun to paint. 

The drive back was without snow, thank God. I actually went only halfway and stopped to visit an artist friend, Brent Nageli and his wife in a small town near Page, Arizona. On the way down to Scottsdale the road over to Page was just barely washed out from strong rains, a victim of the earths ever changing erosion.  They will be most likely isolated now for a year or so until they blast away a new channel through the cliffs to get a new road in place. In the meantime they have the back country road open for those hardy soles with four-wheel drive from the small Navajo town of Gap, there you take a dirt road for thirty some odd miles around to the back side of Page.

It was good to meet them again for a burger dinner watching the sun set over the cliffs of Lake Powell. In the morning Bonnie took their dog for a walk and Brent took the artist for a walk out to Horse Shoe canyon on the Colorado!

We just need to take a few steps back to get the better view in the camera lens!

Today I started on a new landscape from the Bend, Oregon area for my show in April.  This is the first session on a 16x20 of Smith Rock with the Crooked River in front.

Richard Boyer

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  1. Hi Richard, I am an old friend of Brent & Bonnie and have been trying to get in contact with them. If you could give them a message to call Digger at 5413506818 or email me at donaldeddy7@yahoo.com I would appreciate it. I knew them in SLC and moved to La Pine Oregon from NY this past year. Thanks Richard!