Friday, February 1, 2013


From the critique session last night I was told that the anatomy on this figure was off, not quite right. They thought she was sitting at a table reading the book. That's when I realized I had a bigger problem, she was actually lying on a bed reading. Some how I had to show that in the small 16x12 painting. So I brought up part of her dress and legs and indicated the elbow resting on the hip more. Hopefully it looks better now and more like she is lying down.

Tomorrow it's up at six in the morning. I have volunteered to help with the race results at Soldier Hollow Cross Country resort. My daughter will be racing there at 9:00 and we need to be up there at eight in the morning, it's an hours drive up there :-/

Actually we did it last year, quite fun setting up everything and recording the times as they raced across the finish line. We were part of the action and I guess the agony of defeat for some!

Richard Boyer

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